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The email address provided below is for email of a PERSONAL NATURE ONLY.  Unsolicited commercial email messages sent to any address at this domain that are not pertinent to the content of this site will be ignored and deleted.

This is a PERSONAL web site.  I don't really care how much traffic it gets so I generally have no incentive to participate in "Link Exchanges" from commercial sites.  I will, on occasion, add a site to my link pages but ONLY if the email is from the webmaster or owner of the site.  I will NOT add links requested by marketing companies, advertising partners, merchandising affiliates, link managers, or whatever other name you choose to use.  I do NOT add links to online driving schools, online ticket help sites, etc.  Also if it is an automated robot email you can forget it.  I don't even respond to this type of email.

That said, if you want to contact me regarding something on my web site I would love to hear from you.  I always enjoy getting email from site visitors.  I will always answer pertinent email messages.  If you don't get an answer check your spam settings or junk mailbox because odds are good that I sent one.

Make sure your email has a valid title!  Email with no title, or just "Fwd:" or "Re:" as the title will be deleted as SPAM, I do not even open them (in fact, I don't even GET them).  No title, no answer, guaranteed.

The email address shown below is changed on a regular basis or whenever I start to get SPAM at this address.

This is my email link for now

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