Here are two more photographs.  They were taken by Carl Garrard, and are a bit better than mine.  They have been used with his permission.
Male Kribensis Male Kribensis pair


According To "YOU & YOUR AQUARIUM" by Dick Mills (Alfred A. Knopf Publishers) :
Size: 4" long
Origin: West Africa
Sexing: Males have pointed dorsal fins, spotted caudal fins; females are smaller, darker at breeding times.
Ease of keeping: Easy
Food: All Foods, meat
Breeding method: Egg depositor
Breeding potential: Moderately easy
Water: Soft, medium-hard
Temperature: 75°F
Tank type: Community
Swimming level: All levels
Special needs: Retreats
PERSONAL NOTES and OBSERVATIONS Kribs are African Cichlids, however they are considered to be relatively tame compared to some of the species.  The two that I have can be somewhat aggressive towards the other fish at times.  Most of the others have learned to just leave them alone, and I seldom have any problems.  I would caution people considering them for a community tank though that they are aggressive at times. 

They have a couple of unique traits though that I haven't noticed in other fish.  One is their habit of stopping instantly.  If you watch most fish, they will coast to a stop when they stop swimming.  Kribs stop instantly, in an exact spot, and they seem to do it without moving their fins at all.  Also, the female (and this may be some sort of "Courtship Ritual") will occasioanlly swim up to the male, turn the back half of her body 90° so that her caudal fin points directly to the side, swim sideways over the top of the male, turn her body 90° the opposite direction, and swim over him the opposite direction.  Strange to watch, whatever the reason!

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