The F-15I Ra'am is the export version of the Boeing (formerly McDonnell-Douglas) F-15E that is in current use by Israeli Defense Force / Heyl Ha’Avir (Israeli Air Force).  It began service with the IAF in January of 1998 and was designated the F-15I Ra’am (Thunder).

The F-15E was chosen by the Israel Air Force in January of 1994 to be used as their primary fighter aircraft.  While externally very similar to the US F-15E, the F-15I incorporates numerous changes necessary for use as part of the IAF.  This Web Site provides an in-depth look at the history as well as the capabilities and development of the aircraft.

Thanks Joe!
Just to show that there are some really nice guys left in the world I'd like to point out that I didn't buy the kit or any of the aftermarket parts for this model, except for the CAM exhausts.  I'm building an F-105D for a man and during our email conversations I mentioned that I wanted to do an F-15I at some point.  I came home one day to find the kit on my deck and the aftermarket stuff showed up a couple of weeks later (except for the AIM-120's which were included with his F-105 shipment).  Needless to say I was stunned and grateful.  Thanks, Joe!  This one is really going to look good when it's done!
Manufacturer: Tamiya 1/32 scale McDonnell-Douglas F-15E Eagle

Aftermarket: IsraDecal Studios Decals
Cutting Edge CEC32002 Israeli F-15 MiG Killers Decals
Sky's The Limit F-15I Ra'am Decals
CAM Resin Exhaust Nozzles
Cutting Edge F-15I Resin Conversion
Cutting Edge CEC32--5 AIM-120 AMRAAM Missiles
Paragon Designs #32049 Python III Missiles and Mount Adaptors

I'm not sure whether I'll use the CAM exhausts or the Cutting Edge but one set will get used.

Finishing: This model has not yet been started however it will be finished in the Israeli camouflage scheme as seen on This Web Site.  I have wanted to do this scheme since I first saw a photograph of one, and this is my chance.  In fact, the photograph that is used as the background of this page is the photo that I saw.  It is a common F-15I photograph and can be found on several web sites across the internet.

Build Started: Not Started
Build Completed: Not Started

November 19, 2005 -- I haven't even started this model yet and I'm already scared!  The IsraDecal Decals will be a daunting task to say the least.  If I counted right (and I would be surprised if I did!) there are 878 decals on three sheets.  This does include three sets of numbers, many of which won't be used once I decide on an aircraft number, but even without them there are around 850 decals to place.  The set is so complete that even the panel ID numbers are included.  There are ten pages of decal instructions and 2 pages of painting instructions.  I was also given a set of Cutting Edge and Sky's The Limit decals for F-15I's so I have enough decals to spend a couple of months just doing them.
Aircraft Name: McDonnell-Douglas F-15I Ra'am (Thunder)
Aircraft Category:Two-seat Attack Aircraft
Wing Span:44.3'
Overall Length:63.7'
Empty Weight:31,700 lbs
Gross Weight:81,020 lbs
Engine:Two F100-PW-229 Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines with afterburning
Thrust:29,000 (afterburning) pounds each
Speed:Mach 2.5
Range:2,765 mi
Ceiling:60,000 ft
Date Of First Flight:(F-15I) September 12, 1997
Date Deployed:(F-15I) November 6, 1997
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