Where does your name rank in popularity?

This pages links to the US Census Bureau web site, and the figures given are for the 1990 census.

There are three files, one for last names, one for male first names, and one for female first names.  Each file contains the names in descending order of popularity (the most common is at the top of the file, the least common at the bottom), and for each name there are four items of information.  They are:

  1. "Name"
  2. Frequency in percent
  3. Cumulative Frequency in percent
  4. Rank
An example from the last name file is:
MOORE       0.312       5.312       9
This indicates that: Here are the links to the files: The most common names are: The least common names are: For more information on the statistics, here is a link to the page on Census Buerau web site.

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