Primary Callsign: WA4TTK
License Class: Amateur Extra
Owner and Operator: Scott A. Craig
Station Address: 409 Jessie Drive
Nashville, TN 37211
United States Of America

ARS WA4TTK was born on August 24, 1976 as WN4TTK, a US Novice-class station. My first contact was with WA1OZW (if he happens to read this, send me a card! I was too nervous to copy a single word you sent!) on August 25, 1976. Since that time I have made over 7,000 contacts in 232 countries around the world (225 confirmed).

Although currently inactive, my station consists of:

  • Kenwood TS-830S transceiver
  • Kenwood VFO-230 remote VFO
  • Heathkit SB-220 linear amplifier
  • MFJ 1278-B multi-mode TNC
  • GAP DX-8 Vertical antenna
  • Assorted odds-and-ends such as watt meters, paddles, microphones, etc.
  • This station is pretty small, however because of the hill that we live on it does work pretty well. I've had much bigger stations in the past, but this one is low-maintenance and fun to play with.

    Ham Radio Sites

    Voice Nation - This link was sent to me and is a very good collection of links and other information about Ham Radio in general.  There is a lot of good information on it, and it's well worth looking over.  Thank you for the link, Kathy.  It is very much appreciated.

    Following is a list of Amateur-Radio related sites on the Internet. It is a very comprehensive list, and I DID NOT CREATE IT! I have been told that it is the work of Ron Klimas, WZ1V.  He put a lot of work into it and certainly deserves the credit for it.

    Meeting People on Ham Radio

    The QRZ Callsign Database
    ARRL's Home Page
    ARRL Web page - the latest Bulletins, news, rules, etc.
    Aurora Page, The
    Axinar's Hobbies
    Bavarian Packet Radio Group - Baycom Packet support.
    BBOTW Web Explorer
    Boston ARC Web page  - New England area fleamarkets, VE Exams, etc.
    BUCKMASTER Callsignserver
    Callsign server at QRZ
    CalPoly ARC - W6BHZ
    CANADA's National Capital RegionPacket Radio WWW
    Canada: Northern
    Canadian Operators Bringing Regional Assistance
    Canada: Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
    Centre for the History ofDefence Electronics
    Chris Cox W0/G4JEC MN homepage
    Columbia University ARC- W2AEE Homepage
    Cuyahoga ARS - Cleveland, Ohio
    Detroit Amateur Radio- DTWGATE
    DSP/EME - Mike Cook's EME page
    Elmers List  - for Amateur Radio.
    FCC homepage
    FCC email address
    GJ4ICD HAM PAGES  - DXCluster, VHF-UHF, Beacons, Solar data.
    Grove Enterprises  - Receiver and Scanner sales.
    Hamfest Association of Cleveland
    Ham Radio Outlet catalog
    Ham Radio Today On-Linemagazine
    Harry's House - N1QVE
    Indiana University ARC
    Inside Information Ltd
    International Telecommunication Union
    KA9FOX Web sitefor Contesting and DXing
    Kansas State University College of Engineering
    KaWin(c) software - for host mode Kantronics(r) TNCs.
    KJ4VH homepage
    Linux The Operating System for the new Millenia
    Lowe Electronics Limited  - U.K. Radio sales.
    Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
    MinuteMan Repeater Association (MA)
    Mississippi State University ARC
    Motorola Data
    Motorola Data
    MS_EXE Packet Meteor Scatter  - and other software at UCSD
    N2GJ New Jersey homepage
    N2OTO's SQLOOPER Page  - Weak Signal Mobiles.
    NASA Homepage  current space events.
    NG3K Amateur Radio Link Page
    Ohio State UniversityARC - W8LT
    Packet Radio HomePage
    PI4ZLD HollandRadioclub de Bevelanden
    Purdue ARC
    Radio City Inc. - MN Amateur radio dealer.
    Ray Sarrio Co. catalog
    Radio Society of Great Britain
    Red Sprites & Blue Jets - Thunderstorms and the E-Layer.
    Russian Robinson Club
    Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Association
    SARA - The Society ofAmateur Radio Astronomers
    Satellite TVRO  - what's on and how to get it.
    Satscan Electronics TVRO products
    School Into Space Project
    Scott Ehrlich's Home Page
    SETI League  - Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.
    Software, QRZ FTP archives
    Software, VHF  - from FTP.FUNET.FI
    Slow Scan TV  - image communications info and pics.
    Southern California Transmitter Hunts
    Stanford ARC (W6YX)
    St. Croix County (WI) RadioAmateurs
    TAPR Packet Radio-Internet gateway
    Technical University of Ilmenau
    Texas A&M University ARC
    University of British Columbia ARS
    University of Surrey (U.K.) Electronics ARS
    University of Waterloo ARC  - VE3UOW.
    USENET FAQ's on Radio
    Utah Army Mars Page
    Utah (Southern Utah) Amateur Radio
    Weather Maps, US frontal
    Western Washington DX Club
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wireless Association
    Yaesu USA home page

    ABSNET Internet Services
    AC4JQ/WA4CQZ- Atlanta, GA Amateur Radio
    Alachua Freenet Ham Radio Page
    All Electronics Corp.  - electronic components.
    Amateur Radio Operator magazine
    The Ham Radio Resource Guide
    Amateur Radio Reference  - by N2VKG.
    AMSAT-NA  - Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation.
    Antique - Digitized oldtime radio broadcasts
    Antique - GerardTel's antique radio collection
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