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The National Defense Service ribbon depicted here is awarded to all US military personnel serving on active duty during the periods 1950-1954, 1961-1974, and 1990-1995.  I realize that this leaves out a lot of important eras in our history, but I have been unable to find one specific award that is presented to all members of our armed services who honorably served during any period of our history.  Forgive me for that and understand that this page is intended to honor all members of our armed forces, regardless of their branch of service, regardless of their dates of service, and regardless of where they served.

Regardless of anyone's views on the war with Iraq it is important for all of us to show support for the men and women that we (yes, WE, ALL of us) sent over there.  They were sent there by our orders, since the President that we elected is only carrying out our wishes.  Some of them may have the same reservations as some people here at home, but they still went, they are still trying to do their job the best way they can, and it is important for them to know that their efforts and sacrifices are supported by everyone.

I support the US Armed Forces and will not forget what they have done for the rest of us.  It is through their efforts that we are able to enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted every day of our lives.

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