Standard Notch And Post sight configuration.  The most common combination available on handguns.
This rear sight has a white outline.  In dim light this makes the rear notch much more visible and allows the sights to be acquired more easily.
Tri-Dot sight combination.  Line up the dots and the sights are aligned.  This combination is becoming very popular.
Fiber Optic front sights glow brightly in direct light, and even in dim light they are quite visible.  They are very quick to acquire but a bit more difficult to align in a standard square rear notch until you become used to them.
Night Sights are becoming very popular, especially on self-defense handguns.  At night, when most attacks occur, they allow you to pick up your sights much more quickly.  They are available in different combinations of bars and dots, and also in different colors.

Hint: There is a target in the image.  If you don't see it try dimming the room lights!  It is very faint, much like it would be at night.

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