The volunteers who write the Propagation Forecaset Bulletin cannot be expected to remember or even understand the rules that I use when parsing through the files to extract the data and insert it into the database.  For this reason there will be occasional parsing errors that show up, and this is not unusual or unexpected.  Between 1995 and 2002 there were about 370 bulletins released and I only know of 7 of them that would not parse correctly.  I think that Tad Cook and his volunteers did an admirable job of adhereing to rules that they didn't even know about.

This page will document each of the parse errors that I am aware of and how to get around the error.  You can get the appropriate bulletins from the ARRL web site  Be sure to save them as a "Plain Text" file or they will not work properly.

Version 3.11 of the software added provisions to automatically download the bulletin files from the ARRL FTP site and save them to your local computer after the bulletin data was inserted.  Due to an oversight on my part if there was an error parsing the data the file was not saved.  Version 3.12 will fix that problem, and should be released by the middle of January, 2002.

Also note that the format of the files that are saved uses a Unix line feed format at the end of each line.  The standard Windows editor NOTEPAD.EXE may not display the files properly.  If it does not, use a different editor such as WordPad and they should format properly.  Once again, be certain to save the files as "Plain Text" (or MS-DOS text with linefeeds) or the software may not be able to read them properly.

Near the bottom of the bulletin is the section that contains the solar data. It has a line in it that begins with "10.7 cm flux levels were" (about the 10th line from the bottom).  Change this to read "10.7 cm flux was" and the file will parse correctly.

The third paragraph of the report begins with "Sunspot numbers for the week averaged nearly 56 points higher than".  Put an "x" or something at the beginning of the line so that it does not read "Sunspot numbers for" (for example, "xSunspot numbers for") and the file will parse properly.

This bulletin does not contain solar flux data.  The data is repeated in 1999-ARLP050 so this error can be ignored.

Change the line that begins with "Ft Wayne, IN" to read "FORT WAYNE, IN" and the file will parse properly.

There is no solar data in this bulletin.  The error can be ignored.

There is no solar data in this bulletin.  The error can be ignored.

Paragraph 2, line 4 starts with "Sunspot numbers for".  Change that line so that it reads anything but "Sunspot numbers for" (i.e. "xSunspot numbers for") and the file will parse properly.

The section of the file that shows the solar flux starts with "The 10.7-cm flux was 132.6, 131.1, 129.7 ...."  Remove the "-" character before the word "cm" so that the data reads "The 10.7 cm flux ..." and the file will parse properly.

An error is not recorded when parsing this file, however the dates are inserted incorrectly.  February 29, 2004 is skipped.  There is an updated version of the software that will fix the problem, or the dates can simply be edited by hand.  Click Here to download the latest version of the software.

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