Following are descriptions of the two aquaria that I have.  Most of my fish have been photographed, and you can click on the links to view a 580x420 pixel, 256-color GIF image.  Admittedly some of the pictures are better than others, but I'll get better pictures someday.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped this novice fishkeeper by providing advice and answers to my frequently stupid questions.  You know who you are, and I appreciate the help very much. 


This is a 29-gallon (110 liter) Oceanic Systems tank with a "Show" footprint.  (30" wide x 12" deep x 19" high).  Filtration is handled by an Eheim 2213 canister filter.  Tank temperature is maintained at approximately 77.0 degrees by a single 150 watt SecondNature Accura 1000 heater.


This is a 58-gallon (219.5 liter) Oceanic Systems tank with a "Show" footprint (36¼" wide x 18½" deep x 21" high).  Filtration is accomplished using an Eheim 2226 canister filter.  Water temperature is maintained at approximately 77.0 degrees by a single 250 watt SecondNature Accura 1000 heater.

My Fish

Here are some pictures of fish that I have or have had.

About the photographs

If you like the photographs, Thanks!  The older ones were taken by me using an Olympus OM-2n with a 75-150mm f3.8 Tokina zoom lens and a Soligor 27mm extension tube.  Depth -of-field was somewhere around 1/4 of an inch.  A Vivitar 3500 flash was mounted on a tripod, and raised over the tank so it could point down into the water.  The camera was hand-held, and all exposures made at 1/60th of a second at f8.  Kodak Kodacolor Gold ASA 400 film was used for all pictures, and the film was processed by a (really bad!) commercial processor.  The images were scanned on a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet-III scanner and "Touched Up" (to remove the processor's dust and water marks) using Adobe PhotoShop.

Newer photographs were taken using a Nikon D-90 digital SLR with a Nikon SB600 Speedlight flash on top of the tank's cover glass pointing down into the water.  The flash was fired using "Commander" mode on the camera and the camera's built-in flash was set to the lowest setting I could get.  I used a 55-200mm zoom lens, normally at 200mm and occasionally a 70-300 zoom lens.

All images are copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced or used in any way without the express written permission of the author.

"Fish Stores" in Nashville

If you ever get to Nashville and need to find something for your fish, here is a listing of most of the stores in this area:

The Aquatic Critter 5009 Nolensville Road (615) 832-4541
The Fin Den 417 Gallatin Road (615) 868-5466
The Fin Den 109-D Walton Ferry Rd. (615) 824-0678
Wet Pets 7053 Highway 70S (615) 646-8950
The Fish Bowl 1609 Murfreesboro Pike (615) 399-8161
Aquatic Hobbyland 1000 Shelby Ave. (615) 228-2543
Fish World 2410 Franklin Pike (615) 297-3474
Fishey Business 2284 Lebanon Pike (615) 872-9700
Franklin Aquarium Pet Shop 116 North Royal Oaks Blvd. (615) 790-0429
Southern Aquatics 284 White Bridge Pike (615) 352-3888
Nashville Pet Products Center 2621 Cruzen St. (615) 242-2223
Nashville Pet Products Center 1558 Gallatin Pike N (615) 865-1177
Nashville Pet Products Center 4066 Andrew Jackson Pkwy (615) 885-4458
PetSmart 2201 Gallatin Pike N (615) 859-5100
PetSmart 719 Thompson Lane (100 Oaks Mall) (615) 386-0105
SuperPetz 2101 Gallatin Pike N (615) 851-2930
SuperPetz 5434 Bell Forge Lane E (615) 731-0503
All Pet Supermarket 3900 Hillsboro Pike #16 (615) 385-3647
We are very lucky here in Nashville in that we have quite a number of very good stores to deal with. I have been in most of them, and have found the people in all of them I have visited to be more than willing to answer questions and help in any way that they can. My personal favorites (possibly because they are also the closest to my home) are The Aquatic Critter .and The Fish Bowl . The staff in both stores are extremely helpful and I would be lost without them (some of my fish would most certainly have been lost without them!).

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